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Pre Sea Training (GP Rating/Deck Rating) 4 Months

On successful completion of this Pre Sea training, the candidates will be able to join as a RATING in Indian & Foreign shipping companies as a Deck Crew or Engine Crew. The Rating candidates will be able to work in all seamanship activities on-board at deck side and other work at Engine side. With further Sea-service, they will be promoted as ORDINARY SEAMAN, ABLEBODY SEAMAN, BOSUN.

They can also be promoted to officer Level with certain service and qualification requirements. After completing this Pre-Sea Training, candidates are eligible to obtain Continuous Discharge Certificate (LIBERIAN CDC). There are wide job opportunities for our Indian Seamen all over the world.

Duration of Pre Sea Training (Called Academic Training) is 4 Months. Pre Sea Training aimed to provide the students with basic entry-level knowledge in the maritime field as well as to prepare the students to serve as a Seaman on board a merchant ship.

This shall include the teaching of the following subjects:

English Language & Standard Marine Communication Phrases.
General Ship Knowledge and Safety.
Monitor Compliance with Legislative Requirements.
Plan and Conduct a Passage and Determine Position.
Electronic Aids to Navigation.
Safe Working Practices aboard merchant ships.
Watch-keeping and Collision Regulations.

This course will also include the five modular courses as required by STCW 2010 namely:-

Personal Survival Techniques.
Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting.
Elementary First Aid.
Personal Safety and Social Responsibility.
Certificate of Security Training with Designated Security Duties.

Upon successful completion of this phase, students will be given Liberian Seaman Book after one month of completion of his training, by this he can work as a Crew across the world at any vessel.
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