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Rules   Regulations

Campus Rules

a) Heavy cash amount is not allowed.
b) During training period visitors are not allowed.
c) During training period if any thing is damaged or lost by trainee he will be responsible for fine.
d) Any gold ornament is not allowed.
e) Alcohol, drug, smoking & chewing gutkha/pan masala are strictly not allowed in the training campus if any caught he will be punished or fine will be charged. He might be suspended for 5 to 10 days.
f) During training period if any student misbehaves he could be suspended from the campus for 5 to 10 days

Class Room Rules

a) Pay attention in the class room.
b) Bring necessary study materials.
c) Sit properly & listen carefully how some thing is said in the class.
d) Don’t interrupt when the instructor is saying something in the class.
e) Don’t talk loudly, too much and gossip in the class.
f) Accept the fact that you are not going to understand everything.
g) Review (see what you have written) your notes every day.
h) Read your textbook thoroughly (understand).
i) Finish your classwork and homework on time.

Mess Room Rules

a) When you come to the mess, must be well dressed up uniform.
b) When you sit on chairs use follow the table manners.
c) When you sit for meal must be quite & sober.
d) When you start eating any noise should not come.
e) When you get any emergency work while eating must say excuse me.
f) When you sit for meal don’t panic & nervous.
g) Keep positive regards for others.
h) Before sit for meal wash your hands with soap neatly.

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